why it makes me smile...
 Friday, 13-Nov-98 19:02:15 writes:

      this is going to be a long one because i don't think that i can tell you what
      what happened in only a few words, and pardon me as i tend to
      babble...alright, here we go...

      I guess I was around 14yrs old at the time...some years ago, and I was home
      all by myself because I was grounded for some retarded reason...anyway, so it
      was a beautiful day and one of my friends convinced me(didn't take much) to
      go with her to the beach(Jones)and so we got on the bus and that was it, and
      my plan was to be back home by six thirty seven, you know, before my strict
      parent got home from work...so wooh hooooo, we're at the beach doing
      nothing, I guess just enjoying the beautiful beach day it was...ya know, then it
      was getting a little late and...blah, blah, blah, I read the wrong schedule and
      missed our bus, next one in an hour...now i'm freakin' out b'cause I'm not
      being home by 6-30-7 so it sucked...dead meat...but hey,...no, no, this really
      sucked...so we walk along the beach, just talkin' about how dead I'm gonna be
      when I get home, I remembered something and so I wrote it big on the sand
      for my friend to read (I was starting to bum her out w/my problems)and I
      wrote: I am we Todd did...I am sofa king we Todd did...she started cracking
      up and we headed towrds the boardwalk, so she can call her parent we
      missed the bus, and as we are, i saw these 2 people walking by where we
      were just before...they stop...read...and then laughter...and one of them looked
      familiar, but i couldn't think who, but they were cracking up at my sand thing
      and so it made me smile...
     Alrighty, were walking to the bus...I'm ticked off because I got busted...see
      these pretty bushell of flowers and along the path thing...I take 'em, we get on
      the bus...WHEW...get a seat and wait...then I spotted him...(and i think)but it
      can't be...oh my god it is...I felt numb but managed to wiggle the bus window
      opened and scramed out "hello shannon?!" and when he turnded around and
      smiled...i couldn't believe it and the bloody bus ready...then he started but he
      was walking towards it and said, "that was funny what you wrote back
      there(laughs)" so now I can't eve feel my feet and I said "thanks...i try...(?)(he
      laughs)and the bus is leaving now but he's right there, so i hand him the
      bushell of flowers and say " your music's amazing...good luck...take it
      easy"..he took them and smelt them...said "thanks, they're beautiful...take
      care" and waved goodbye...
      And as the bus sped off in the sunset on my long ass ride home, I couldn't
      even think straight and my friend couldn't calm me down...I got home and felt
      like I was I don't know...it's hard to describe but it was great and i was
      grounded for ever but no matters, i just had the most amazing day ever...and
      although i didn't get his autograph nor picture, i did get his smile, and some
      words...and one flower outa the bushell(i put it in one of my bottles...but i'll
      never forget that day... and that's why i shared it w/you so i hope you get a
      kick out of it too....

      and i pray i don't lose my mind....