Slaying of the Innocent 1

Mom and dad
they are real old
they say I am
the devils own
They used to sleep
in the same bed
after they had me
they began to sleep strategically
one in the closet
with a bell on the door
the other lay naked
on the kitchen floor
with a shotgun in hand
and a target in mind
heaven forbid
that bell ever ring.

Slaying of the Innocent 2

Now we lay our eldest to eternal rest
for we're sure he is the devil's own
for all the believers we now believe
his death shall be condoned
by our peers, and we the parents
distructing this demonic mistake
feel now we will be forgiven in the eyes of the public
and God for our accomplishment
We shall now begin with the proceedings
Son oh son, oh son not ours
don't smile, don't say a word,
close your shit brown eyes
and throw your crooked smile..
 on the curb
So we can do the right thing...
oh yes,
the right thing to do
destroy you devil boy
your evil thoughts too
for the sake of the town
for the sake of our souls you demonic bastard
burn in hell!!!!!