Blind Melon was the best grunge band of the 90s, though it  was not as popular as grunge bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana the music lives on among old and new fans.
I choose to use the word grunge to descrive Blind Melon because it was part of a movement of music that focused around adult issues ie:drug addiction, self realization, religions pressure, depression, God, birth, death, and not tenn oriented pop issues like sex and self hatred and boyfriend-girlfriend relationships such as the music heard today in bands like Third Eye Blind and No Doubt.
Not to say that the message and topics in the music of Blind Melon was not understood by teenagers, a big reason why Blind Melon lives on in fans from the early 90s is that many of the songs deal with self realization which is something we go through from our teens and on into adulthood.
Blind Melon  still attracts new fans from all over the world because the lyrics are more than just pop and  sex, they are thoughts and feelings and the music is not your average 4 chord tune but a complexety and interplay of sound among the guitarist Chirs Thorn and Rogers Stevens who are both great lead and rhythm players and know how to listen when to play and when to back off, and the combination of Glen Grahams and Brad Smith's complementary groove and style, not to mention Shanon Hoon's cut-through voice and his ability to open his soul to his audience.
Viva Blind Melon!
Jan 24, 2001 Esther Diaz

Here is the cheesy Vernie Midi I made. (Rogers told me it sounded like elevator music.)  

Blind Melon in my life: Recently an exboyfriend from what seems like years and years ago e-mailed me because he found some poetry I wrote after our break up. I was thinking how it just CANNOT be posible that mistakes I made such a long time keep coming back to haunt me like that its just NOT possible so I was thinking of "Walk" and how "I need to be on top of a Mountain were I can see everything 'cause this paranoia is getting old" I came to the conclusion that I am at the top of the mountain. I can see stuff that happened before and take and realize I am not that 15 year old girl. What is in the past does not exist and that paranoia is gone.

In the summer of 1998 I went with my family to Mexico for two weeks and I was hanging out with my cousin who I use to play cars and look for turtles in the river with years and years ago. We went to the record store and I found a "Soup" cassette in the imports section of the store along with Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix. I had read in an article that Shannon Hoon dreamed of making a cd that he could find in his hometown's record store at the mall. Well, he must have been pretty happy when he saw me buying it in Guadalajara, Mexico for my cousin.