IFor those of you who have visited this site more than once, you might know that I built this collection of links back in 19yippidi7. Back then I was a bored 15 year old that lived out in the bunnies in the old Central Valley, Califaz. I was healing a broken heart by mastering the arts of HTML. Sad to say, that my first love, the one I was getting over back in the days, he is now diseased. Was involved in a fatal car accident. But we did get to share a few more happy memories before his departure.

En fin, you might have also seen the birth of my awakening into the world of politics, you might have seek a link to a site I never quite finished to say the least. Well, now I am a WOMAN of 24 years of age, and not to be left in the ways of the past I created my own "myspace" page. Which I am currently, you know, tweaking with. But I do have a few blogs and such and such, that you might check out. I the Esther of the famous "esther's bling melon page" invite you to mySpace page, just CLICK


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